Planned Features

These features shows where future versions of Movlan are heading. There are no dates for when features will be implemented unless specified otherwise. Features are subject to change.

Version 0.2.0
Server & Player: Remote software update

Users should not have to manually install new versions on each player. The server will monitor when new versions are released and players can be upgraded from the web interface by clicking a button.

When a new version is installed the player needs to have capabilites to restart and use the new version.

Player: More controls and information

Add controls for muting and changing the sound volume. Also add information about what movie is playing and how much is left of it.

Future versions
Server: Mac OS X, Linux and Windows installer package

Create packaged installations of the server for Mac OS X(Package Maker), Windows(Nullsoft SIS) and Linux(RPM).

Server & Player: Continue on another player

Besides pausing a movie a user should be able to pause a movie on one player then move to another and continue viewing where they left off.

Server & Player: Music

Add music playing capabilities to Movlan.

Server: Improve default skin design

Even though the default skin is mostly used to showcase the features available in Movlan it could look a bit spiffier.

Server: Skin deployment as plugins

To install a new skin a user should simply select it from a menu and it will be downloaded and installed. Today the user needs to download the skin and put it in the skin directory, not a big deal but it would be nicer if the user was kept out of the installation directory.

Player: Linux and Windows player

Implement packaged players for Linux and Windows.

Server: Improve library maintenance

The library maintenance in the default skin lacks some features and is way too slow. Both issues makes the library editor hard to use.