What is Movlan?

Movlan is a media center application. It consists of a server and one or more players. The players are controlled from the server which in turn is controlled by the user thru a web browser.

What do the version numbers mean?

Version 0.1.2 translates into version major(0).feature(1).patch(2).

The major version changes when a major project milestone has been reached. What a "major milestone" actually means is decided by the project members.
This number changes when a new feature or features are added to the software.
No new features only bug fixes. Upgrade or change in dependecies is also considered a patch. For example when a new version of the XML-RPC package, on which Movlan depends upon, is used the patch version number is increased.

Why is version x.x.0 so full of bugs? This should be a beta(or even alpha) release.

I've decided not to use the beta and alpha versioning scheme since it's so hard to determine when the software is completely bug-free. In other words when using a version with patch level 0 be prepeared that there might be some bugs.